Best shoes for walking and Standing all day

Whether you are going to your office or traveling, the right shoes can enhance your experience. It is because the wrong shoes can not only increase your problems but at the same time keep your mind diverted.

In this way, you will not be able to focus on your work or enjoy your holiday. That is why it is a must to buy the shoes which have a soft material so that you can wear them all through the day.

Though the market is flooded with a number of choices but it is difficult to explore all and make your choice. That is why we have compiled a list of the best and top shoes which you can select for yourself. Also, you can check out the detailed review of these shoes on Walkingontheball and get a feel of the shoe you are going to get.

   Aerosoles – If you are an office going girl, then this is the perfect for you. Its footwear’s are really stylish, comfortable and surely suiting to your budget.  These are available in many styles to match your taste as well as requirements. So you can easily have a look at the different choices and pick one of them. You can find a huge selection online too, so you can order from there as well.

   Puma – The next most reliable brand is Puma whose massive collection will surely impress you. The best part is that the brand has collection for both the men and the women so you can easily select the shoes which you are looking for. From the sneakers to the sports shoes and flats you will be able to browse a wide collection. Puma is well known for its great quality and comfort. Its shoes are ideal for summers as well as winters.

   Cobb Hill – This is yet another brand whose shoes are just superb and highly stylish. If you are looking for a chic and comfortable collection, you can rely on this brand. If you are traveling then Cobb Hill shoes are perfect as it is designed keeping the flexibility, comfort level and durability in mind. Thus you do not have to think much but can go for this brand.

   Sperry Top Spiders – The shoes of Sperry are definitely the best as quality is just incomparable. If you are in a job that demands a lot of walking or standing throughout the day then you can easily try these. It is comfortable and at the same time has a good design to suit your personality.

   Superga – It is one of the very popular options when it comes to buying the casual shoes. From the sneakers to the party-wear you will find a superb collection that you have been longing for. The Superga shoes are known for its top notch quality and that is why it turns out to be a durable choice. If you are looking for quality as well as quantity, this is a trusted brand for you.

Though all the above brands are top class, still you can have a look at their collection first before you make the choice. Take time to explore the choices so that you can end up with the best shoes.

Serving Effective Learning through Lesson Plan Templates

Every teacher is intended to bring a juice into their lectures so that they can take their students into what they are teaching, more precisely. In this way, they plan their lessons on certain criterion through which contents of the chapter can be delivered to students more effectively.

There is no such predestined format of lesson planning as it may differ from student-to-student, grade-to-grade, as well as course-to-course also. But keeping few basic points in mind, one can write the best sort of lesson plans to their lectures and students. There are various Lesson Plan Templates available online which are competent enough to serve the wide array of lesson planning requirements.

Key Contents

Though there are, almost, countless Lesson Plan Templates available to the teachers but only few can serve their purpose. But there are certain basic features which are required to be held by any of such template in a way to provide efficient lesson planning. Some of such contents can be enumerated as:

  •    Time: providing any lecture within a certain time frame is necessary, as dictating too much and too short over any topic may ruin the zest of the students and vague understanding of the chapter, respectively.
  •    Objective: clearly mentioning and focusing on to the topic, to which student is going to learn the particular lesson.
  •    Sequence: each and every upcoming steps or note should be clearly marked, so that entire lecture can go through accordingly, instead of delivering unplanned knowledge.
  •    Differentiating strategies: each class has students of different potentials, some can grasp entire lecture at the same time, whereas, some may take more effort to understand the same. Hence, while ongoing with any lecture, it should be provided in such a way that those extra effort seeking students can also grasp it. There are various ways to do so, find some of such handy methods and put it into this category.
  •    Assessment: It helps in identifying that what and to which extent students have learned out of the lesson.  

These were some of the basic contents which are necessary to have in any Lesson Plan Templates (, though, one can add-on further aspects in the list as per their requirement and according to the lesson as well.

Benefits of Lesson Plan Templates

Planning a scheduled lecture or lesson in a proper format has a wide array of pros associated with it. Some of them can be mentioned as:

  1. It helps teachers to work-out on the part of knowing their students, their own objectives, and institutional options and set the entire content of the lesson accordingly.
  2. Drawing out the entire lecture delivery plan in advance help teachers to call the attention of their learner through a predetermined set of rules.
  3. Lesson Plan Templates help teachers to deliver an entire lesson in a proper flow, followed by well thought and suitable examples, instead of delivering the same in an unplanned way and looking for the random and inappropriate examples when it is required.
  4. Assessment procedure looks into the aspect that how much learners grasped from the lesson.

How to Use MS Word to Create Certificates of Appreciation?

Awarding the candidates with certificate of appreciation of a training program course, term of service or anything is a ritual most institutions and companies maintain. These certificates of Appreciation templates serve as a proof that one has completed the particular course. Certificates are awarded on completion of vocational training, courses or learning any job skills. These are most useful documents in the job market.

With the help of word processing application, Microsoft Office Word, you can create certificates of completion and other documents. Word 2007 is the newest version as it contains the ‘ribbon’, across the top of page. Here are the few easy steps to create certificates using a blank document or a template.

Using Template

  1. Click “Office Button” on Word 2007 and choose “New”. It will show a dialog box to open new document.
  2. From left pane, choose a desired certificate template. You can click from either “Gift Certificates” or “Award Certificates” group to make a template, according to what kind of certificate you have to create. Visit online template gallery of Microsoft to download large range of templates.
  3. Choose the template you want to use for your certificate and click on “Download” button. It will open your template as new document.
  4. Click each text box and add in your personal text to customize it. Each box contains preset controls so you can get a uniform look on the certificate. You can still personalize the formatting of text box, including color from “Format” and “Home” tabs on ribbon.
  5. Save and print the whole document. To save the document, choose “Office Button” and “Save” and give the document a title. Choose “Office Button” and “Print” to print your certificate. You can use colored paper or heavier stock to add effect.

From Blank Document

  • On Word 2007 document, choose “New” from “Office button”. You will get a new document dialog box from where you can choose “Blank Document”. After that, hit “Create” button. You will get a new blank document to work on.
  • Now you can format the page layout by clicking “Page Layout” tab from ribbon and choose “Orientation”. Generally, certificates come in landscape mode. Choose “Landscape” mode as orientation.
  • Select “Page Borders” to add a page border. On Page Border tab, enter the details of border and hit “OK”.
  • Add graphics and text to your certificate. You can type and format as you like with any Word 2007 document or you can navigate to “Insert” and choose “Word Art”. Choose the format font size and style. You can also add graphics. In Insert tab, choose “Picture” or “Clip Art” and choose graphics you want to add.
  • Adjust your graphics and text placement. Customize the wording and go through the same procedures from “Using at Template” section and save and print the certificate.

You can use Certificates of Appreciation for degree courses, diploma courses or various academic courses. The end of the term of training or study in an institution is certified with it.

Freedom App Review & Download Links!

An android application which is spreading on the internet and allows its users to purchase any app without actually paying for them in other words you can say that it is giving us a charity.  Some games like candy crush, subway surfer, temple run, Clash of Clans and many more in them you need a lot of coins and many other resources but you in order to get this all you have to wait. But now after the launch of Freedom app it has totally changed now you make in app purchases for free.

This application requires rooted device in order to work as it is a restricted Russian app so the users who will be using this app also have to modify their play store. In app purchases are very much popular in application. However if you want to move further or unlock additional feature of particular game you need to pay something like 0.99$ and some developers have taken this amount to greater extent like 99$.

If you will use this app than in a way you are fooling play store like you have done any purchase with this app than play store will be thinking that you have paid for it but in realty you haven’t paid a single cent.  Freedom is an app which was developed by a Russian company and it got introduced on internet in 2014 just after this app get a lot of popularity.

If you are thinking that Freedom apk is unknown app because its official version is not available on play store and it will start creating some problem in your smartphone than you are wrong because it is totally tested and it will never create any problem in your phone and because your device will be rooted so whatever this application will do it require permission so don’t worry about that.

It is just amazing because it allows you to make in app purchases for free.Many people are so conscious and they don’t want to disclose their bank details in any platform so just for them it is an app where you don’t need any credit card because it already works as a credit card for you which you can use to purchase app for free in play store.

After this you also don’t need to worry when you are spending gems on items because now you can get a lot of gems for free. What you have to do in order to get all apps for free is just complete some tasks which will be available on this app and in favor they will give you some points.

Like this an app also got introduced but it got banned very sooner just because it has some problem.

But with this app it will never happen because it is just different but all you have to do is just keep secret from play store.

Last but not the least it have some features which also allows you to do some additional activities with app so just go for it.